Home Design Consultation

Design with a Real Estate Mindset

Do you have questions about home improvement decisions? Since we are spending so much time in our homes these days, we want to love the space we are in. Choosing the right finishes, materials and design selections in your home can make all the difference when it comes to your home’s value! Whether you are looking to sell, remodel or just want a fresh update, you want to make sure you are making design decisions that you love, but that also increase function and desirability and therefore your home’s value and your equity in your home.


Begin by finding images of styles and finishes you like best. You can search sites like Instagram, Facebook and Houzz for interior designer or home building companies to get ideas. Pay attention to what colors and materials are used together and where they are used throughout the home. Typically, a more neutral palette as a foundation will appeal to the greatest number of people and will maximize your return on investment. Colors can be added but should be done purposefully. Incorporating different textures will also add great character to your home. Another tip is to think about function first! Increasing functional spaces for how we are using the home will help add value just as a non-functional space may deter homebuyers.


Kitchens and bathrooms are always a good place to start! Is your space outdated? You can refinish your cabinets or add new hardware to really make a modern impact. Changing out countertops and backsplashes are also a great way to elevate your rooms and make a big difference! Chose a durable, but beautiful material such as quartz which has many gorgeous and affordable options to modernize the overall feel. Another feature not to be overlooked and easily updated is lighting! New modern light fixtures will really refresh and enhance a space. Pay attention to scale. The bigger the light fixture the more impact it will make. Lastly, one of the easiest ways to make the greatest updates is with paint! Painting can be done to easily improve the overall look and feel of the home. White or light colors will make rooms feel larger and brighter and dark colors can be used to ground a larger space and bring some depth. Again, to achieve the greatest return on your investment, ensure you are choosing paint colors along with finishes and fixtures that have mass desirability. You want to spend your money where it counts!


Jen Greenberg, our Managing Broker recently expanded her services to offer her real estate design expertise to those that may not be prepping their home for sale, but still want to make the best decisions for mass appeal and with a real estate mindset. Jen also provides shopping referrals and recommendations and local experts to get the work done! She can be reached at 206.779.7239, jen@wingreenproperties.com or simply fill out the form below to be contacted directly!